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How to make a request under the Data Protection Act 2003

Personal Information can also be obtained by making a request under the Data Protection Act  2003.

This form access allows 40 days for Beaumont Hospital to provide the records if relevant. For a patient’s own personal medical information the Routine Access form can be downloaded (link) or a letter/email  sent in with the requester’s  I.D for verification and confidentiality.  There is a fee of €6.35 for these requests, and they can be posted or emailed to the Routine Access Department. In the case of another Body requesting your personal information under the Data Protection Act, a consent/authority form will need to be signed by the person and provided by the requester.

Any other Personal Information required under Data Protection can be sent to:

Orla Carty, Data Protection Officer.  Email: or please phone 01 8093392