Beaumont Hospital

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Breast Imaging Unit - Clinic Details

Routine Clinics:

  • Patients who require screening mammograms.
  • Patients with a history of breast cancer attending for their annual mamogram

 Ultrasound Clinic:

  • Patients who need an ultrasound only.

 TAC (Triple Assessment Clinic):

Triple assessment is a three step process to help diagnose your breast complaint. Not everyone needs all three steps. Sometimes all three steps happen on the one day, sometimes on different days.

Step 1: A doctor listens to the reason you were referred, takes a full medical history and then exams your breasts and underarms.

Step 2: In the breast imaging section you will have a mammogram (x-ray of the breast) and/ or an ultrasound scan.

Step 3: Some people will also need a biopsy where small samples of tissue are taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

 Assessment Clinics:

  • Patients with symptoms who have been seen in a Breast Clinic and deemed to need a mammogram and/or ultrasound but not necessarily on the same day.
  • Patients recalled by the radiologist for further investigation of an abnormality seen on their routine screening mammogram.  This is quite common and is not an indication of something suspicious.