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Information for those who have tested Positive for COVID-19

Dear Colleague

You have tested positive for COVID- 19

Management of your symptoms

Please be reassured that for most people this infection is not serious or life threatening.

Assuming you are well, you may self manage with over the counter medication and fluids as with any other viral infection.  Please see the HSE Self Care Plan HERE

Please make a family member aware and ensure that they are contacting you regularly if you live alone.

If you become acutely unwell,  particularly with acute shortness of breath please phone your GP, or local out of hours service, or ambulance in an emergency.

  • Please identify yourself as diagnosed with Covid 19 in any call
  • Please do not arrive at any healthcare facility unannounced.

Self Isolation

Continue to self isolate at home. See more information HERE 

You must self isolate for 14 days from symptom onset AND until you are without fever for 5 days, whichever comes later.  You are non infectious thereafter and allowed to resume normal activities including return to work.

Contact Tracing

You will be phoned again by OH for contact tracing. Please take time to consider within the work environment where you have been and with  whom since your symptoms began, prior to receiving this call. It may help to make a list in advance.

Public Health will contact you to complete the same process outside work. Please consider your contacts  outside of work in advance also.


Please liaise with your line manager  to keep them updated and regarding your ultimate return to work.


Please find further information on the HSE and  Beaumont COVID site

We would like your consent to inform your GP of your diagnosis. Please return the consent form by email to this address

Kind Regards

Occupational Health Team.