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A Hospital Without Walls’, Beaumont Hospital Strategy 2015-2020 (Aug 2016)

Tuesday August 16, 2016

Did you know......

‘A Hospital Without Walls’, Beaumont Hospital Strategy 2015-2020 is available on the hospital website..... ...The strategy is the product of consultation with staff across the organisation aswell as patients, patient representatives, local community representatives, healthcare colleagues, academic, research and business partners.  It presents a confident roadmap for the future development of Beaumont Hospital, one that recognises the need to work collaboratively and creatively both within and beyond the boundaries of our campus. 

The strategy promotes the involvement of patients and families as partners in the design of healthcare services.  It further acknowledges that there is a greater role that can be taken up by acute care providers to support patients in the ongoing management of their health and wellbeing, in collaboration with colleagues across the healthcare system and in other sectors.

As you will see the design of the document centres around the image of the chestnut tree that was on our site before the hospital was built.  It’s a nice reminder that we are a hospital that is built on a long history but one that still has a lot of growing to do.

We hope to become ‘A Hospital without Walls’ by:

  • Working collaboratively with our colleagues in other hospitals and in community health and social care to support ongoing patient health and wellbeing;

  • Involving patients and families in the design of our services and working with them to build trust and transparency;

  • Looking at the opportunities provided by advances in technology and scientific research to support patient wellness and translate research into practice;

  • Building on our existing resources, to develop our staff and the environment in which we provide care to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

The strategy is supported by a three year implementation plan, also included.   We hope that this will be a starting point and not a limit to what can be achieved as we plan for the future of our services. 

A Hospital Without Walls’, Beaumont Hospital Strategy 2015-2020