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About us

The Department of Microbiology provides a range of diagnostic and clinical services to Beaumont Hospital, other institutions and the surrounding community. In the community, the department is actively involved in the diagnosis and surveillance of infection. There is a sophisticated service for the investigation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of hospitalized patients with community acquired infection. Advice is also provided by the clinical microbiology team in relation to the clinical significance of isolates, antimicrobial therapy and management of sepsis.


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Clinical Medical Team

Consultant Microbiologists
Prof. E. Smyth: (01) 809 2648
Prof. H. Humphries: (01) 809 3312
Dr. F. Fitzpatrick: (01) 809 3943
Dr. K. Burns: (01) 809 3943
Dr. B. Dinesh: (01) 809 4679
Dr. K. O'Connell: (01) 809 3320/3321

Microbiology Registrars

Contact (01) 809 3320/3321

Laboratory Office

Contact the laboratory office for all enquiries: (01) 809 2646.

Chief Medical Scientist
Margaret Fitzpatrick: (01) 809 2645

Beaumont Hospital Laboratory Users Guide

The Beaumont Hospital Laboratory Users Guide enables GPs to get the maximum benefit from the services provided by the Microbiology Department and to optimise turnaround time on results. It provides information on the microbiology and serology tests performed both in the laboratory and those referred to other centres in Ireland and the UK, such as the National Virus Reference Laboratory (NVRL).

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