Beaumont Hospital

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How long will I be?

The length of time varies from patient to patient. If this is your first time to attend the clinic it may be necessary to organise further investigations for you including mammography and breast ultrasound. Sometimes these are performed on the same day. As a result, you should allow between 3 & 4 hours for your first appointment. Bring a book or newspaper to keep you occupied.



Do I need to bring anything with me?

You should bring any results you have of tests performed in another hospital/ country relating to breast problems. It is important that you show these to the doctor at the appointment.

Please bring a list of your medications.

If you have a medical card or health insurance, please bring these details with you.


Will I see the consultant?

All the clinics are lead by consultants working in Beaumont Hospital. You will meet with them or one of their team.


Is there a charge?

There is no charge for a public appointment.


I would like a private appointment?

Please contact the Beaumont Private Clinic (01) 8375400.


What is the triple Assessment Clinic (TAC)

This is a three step process to help diagnose your breast complaint. Not everyone needs all three steps. Sometimes all three steps happen on the one day, sometimes on different days.

Step 1: A doctor listens to the reason you were referred, takes a full medical history and then exams your breasts and underarms.

Step 2: In the breast imaging section you will have a mammogram (x-ray of the breast) and/ or an ultrasound scan.

Step 3: Some people will also need a biopsy where small samples of tissue are taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis.


I got the text, but I cannot reply, I am ringing to confirm my appointment.

There is no need to confirm appointments. Appointments are only cancelled if you text back “NO”.


I can’t attend my appointment, what do I do?

Please contact the breast clinic secretary only if you are unable to attend the clinic.  Another person can then be offered your appointment.  The secretary will offer you an alternative appointment if you wish.

I was told on my last visit to come back in 3 months time but I have not yet received that appointment?
It is important that you inform the secretary in the outpatient clinic before you leave if you are due to attend for a return appointment. If you have forgotten to do that please contact the secretary now.


Do I need to fast?

There is no need to fast; in fact we recommend that you eat before your appointment.


Will I get the results on the same day?

You will be given a verbal summary of your examination and any tests performed on the same day. A written summary will be subsequently sent to your own doctor.

If a biopsy is performed the results will be available in 10 days.


Do I need to bring somebody with me?

It is not generally required to have company for the first visit.

If you are returning to the clinic for the results of tests performed especially a biopsy then it is beneficial to bring a family member or friend for support.  


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes with a separate top and bottoms as you will need to remove your upper clothing for a physical examination and tests.  Avoid wearing talcum powder, deodorant or perfume as they may interfere with some tests.