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Head Injuries

Acquired Brain Injury Support

The Acquired Brain Injury Clinical Nurse Specialist in Beaumont is Ciara Rowan.  Ciara is not based directly in the ICU, however she is available to review patients who have received a brain injury.

The Role of the ABI Nurse Specialist

  • Ensuring a seamless service for adults and paediatric patients who have been diagnosed with ABI with a specific focus on those patients with TBI (traumatic brain injury).
  • Playing a pivotal role as part of the multi-disciplinary team.
  • Collaborating with other professionals involved in ABI patient care in regional referral hospitals, National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) and community ABI services.
  • Counselling and supporting newly diagnosed patients and their families providing up-to-date information on ABI (written/verbal).
  • Providing a telephone link for patients and families following discharge or transfer from Beaumont Hospital.
  • Providing education on ABI for ward staff as well as for under-graduate and post-graduate nursing students and other disciplines. 

What is an Acquired Brain Injury

An Acquired Brain Injury or ABI is an injury to the brain received during a person’s lifetime and not as a result of a birth trauma.  Common causes of ABI are as follows: 


  • Falls
  • Road traffic accident (RTA)
  • Assault
  • Sports injury
  • Non-accidental injury


  • Vascular accident (stroke, sub-arachnoid haemorrhage (SAH))
  • Toxic or metabolic insult (hypoglycaemia)
  • Infection (meningitis, encephalitis)
  • Inflammation (vasculitis)

Brain injury is for life and individuals with ABI and their families can face a dramatically altered life as a result. Damage to the brain may result in a personality change and can affect one or more of the following:

  • Memory Speech & language
  • Mobility
  • Sight
  • Understanding of situations
  • Judgement
  • Ability to cope with pressure
  • Concentration
  • The ability to organise oneself and their finances

All these affect a person’s ability to take control of their lives and can lead to social isolation and depression.

Support Services

Below are some support services and information leaflets, also check the tab for other supports available after ICU.

Headway Ireland

Since 1985 Headway has brought positive change to those with brain injury and their carers through a range of services tailored to individual needs. Headway helps people who have been ill or injured to rebuild their skills to achieve the best quality of life that they can. They also provide support to families who have been affected by brain injury. More information HERE.

ABI Ireland

Established in 2000, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland [formerly The Peter Bradley Foundation] is Ireland’s leading provider of flexible and tailor-made services for people with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).  Their mission is to enable people with an acquired brain injury to live an independent life within the community, by providing and maintaining a supportive living environment.  ABI provides custom-made rehabilitation and care programme specific to the needs of patients that will help to maximise their abilities. More information HERE.

BRI Ireland

The word Brí means strength & understanding in Irish and are a charity organisation that provides support & information to people with brain injuries, their families, carers and friends.  Brí is dedicated to advocating for all those affected by brain injury and work to achieve change in terms of service provision, public awareness and prevention. More information HERE.

National Rehabilitation Hospital

The National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) provides a comprehensive range of specialist rehabilitation services to patients from throughout Ireland who, as a result of an accident, illness or injury have acquired a physical or cognitive disability and who require specialist medical rehabilitation. More Information HERE.

Information Leaflets