Beaumont Hospital

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Consultant Breast Surgeons

  • Mr. Michael Allen
  • Prof. Arnold Hill
  • Mr. Colm Power

Surgery in the Beaumont Breast centre is performed by three highly experienced Breast surgeons who perform a wide range of surgical techniques to treat breast cancer. Every breast patient undergoing surgery in the Beaumont Breast centre has their procedure individually tailored in order to treat the underlying problem appropriately.  Our Consultant surgeons are Professor Arnold Hill, Mr. Michael Allen and Mr. Colm Power.

Breast conserving techniques, also known as a lumpectomy, is performed where possible. We are the only centre in Ireland to offer cutting edge intra-operative radiotherapy which can be performed at the time of surgery in selected patients and potentially avoid the need for radiotherapy at a later stage. Otherwise lumpectomy patients are referred for radiotherapy after surgery. We look forward to having intra-operative Clearcut technology in the very near future which will allow for rapid assessment of the resected specimen to ensure the breast tumour has been completely excised.

For some women a mastectomy is the most appropriate surgical option. Breast reconstruction is offered to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients undergoing a mastectomy. A range of reconstruction techniques are offered. These include implant based reconstruction and flap based reconstruction such as a DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) flap and omental flap reconstruction, both of which were performed for the first time in Ireland by our team in Beaumont.

Patients can avail of day case surgery in selected cases but overnight beds are available in addition.

Finally, we are always striving to progress what is known about breast cancer and improve the treatment options available to patients. Thus we are heavily involved in both clinical and laboratory based research.