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Information for those who have tested Positive for COVID-19

Dear Colleague,

You have tested positive for COVID- 19

Contact Tracing

Beaumont contact tracing will contact you for a list of your work close contacts within 48 hours of symptom onset or 24 hours of swab, if you have no symptoms.  Close contact is generally defined as >15minutes at <1m unprotected, but may include people >1m if contact was prolonged, in a small room, and/ or the area was poorly ventilated.

Please have this list ready or send it to  with your name and date of birth, date and time of symptom onset or test.  If you are unsure of colleague’s names please contact your line manager or work area to clarify.

If you tell your colleagues that they are your contacts please advise them to wait for a call from contact tracing, as contact tracing is initiated based on the list that you provide.  Contact tracing will arrange testing for close contacts

Public Health will contact you for a list of your contacts outside work, please make a list of external contacts for public health.

Your household members are close contacts - please advise them of this and to restrict their movements.

Management of your symptoms

Please be reassured that for most people this infection is not serious or life threatening.

Assuming you are well, you may self-manage with over the counter medication and fluids as with any other viral infection.  Please see the HSE Self Care Plan HERE

Please make a family member aware and ensure that they are contacting you regularly if you live alone.

If you become acutely unwell, particularly with acute shortness of breath please phone your GP or local out of hours service, or ambulance in an emergency.

  • Please identify yourself as diagnosed with Covid 19 in any call
  • Please do not arrive at any healthcare facility unannounced.

Self-Isolation Advice

See more information HERE  

Ending Self-Isolation

Most people can stop self-isolating when the following apply:

  • You have had no fever for 5 days
  • It has been a minimum of 10 days since you first developed symptoms
  • You are well for 2 days

If you tested positive because you are a close contact or as a screening test, you may have no symptoms.  In this case, you can stop self-isolating 10 days from the date of your test.  If you develop symptoms after your test you must self-isolate for a minimum of 10 days from the day your symptoms start.  You will not need to be tested again unless you develop symptoms in the future or become a close contact.


Please liaise with your line manager  to keep them updated and regarding your ultimate return to work.

You must have completed self-isolation as per the above prior to return to work

As with other viral illness, you must feel well enough to return to work


Please find further information from the HSE 

Kind Regards

Occupational Health Team.