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Information for those who text Negative for COVID-19

Dear Colleague

You have tested negative for Covid 19.

You can self manage your symptoms as with another viral infection.

If you were previously advised by Occupational Health as a close contact of Covid 19 please revert to the advice you were given prior to developing symptoms. If you were previously advised to stay out of work that advice still applies. If you are self monitoring or being monitored by your line manager that should continue.

If you were previously in work and are not a documented known contact of Covid 19 you can return to work 48 hours after your symptoms resolve. You can self certify in this regard.

Please contact your line manager to keep them up to date.

Continue to follow appropriate social distancing, respiratory etiquette, and infection control procedures.

You are not immune to future infection with Covid 19 following this negative test. Please consider this should you become unwell in future following recovery from your current infection.

Kind Regards