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Our aim is to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients, excellent training to our students and a friendly, stimulating and professional environment for staff.

The information on this site is organised to meet the needs of different types of users. All suggestions for improvement are gratefully received.

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Curtailment of Scheduled Care Activity in Beaumont Hospital with immediate effect – 04.01.2021

Regrettably, owing to the level of COVID-19 across Ireland; out-patients, day care procedures and scheduled care appointments are currently suspended, with the exception of a number of urgent cases. You will be contacted by phone if you are to attend.

Please note that all radiology (x-ray) appointments, Endoscopy procedures and blood tests will go ahead as planned so please attend if u have an appointment for these services.

Contingency arrangements have been put in place and a number of our Clinicians are holding virtual clinics (telephone call) for some OPD appointments, and these patients will be contacted by hospital staff directly.

Beaumont Hospital is working tirelessly to manage services affected by COVID-19 as we continue to care for both COVID and non-COVID patients. Beaumont Hospital appreciate that this is a difficult time for our patients and their families and we are continuously working to provide services. 

 A no order visiting remains in place at Beaumont Hospital with the exception of end of life care / compassionate grounds by direct agreement with the Clinical Nurse Manager.

Beaumont Hospital understands that visiting for patients is important so keep in touch by mobile or FaceTime. Beaumont continues to facilitate care / comfort packages from families and loved ones. See HERE for more details

For more information on Coronavirus (COVID-19), and to see the latest updates please see the or call the HSE helpline on 1850 241850.



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Information for GPs referring patients to Beaumont when Healthlinks is unavailable

The Healthlinks GP Referral service is currently unavailable.  Should a GP/other Healthcare Professional need to refer a patient to one of our specialties please see HERE fir a list of email addresses which we will accept GP referrals through until Healthlinks is available.  These email addresses are monitored daily.

Visiting restrictions

In the interest of patient safety, we are still requesting that the public do not visit the hospital at this time - our no visiting order must remain in place until further notice

    Visits to patients receiving end-of-life care, vulnerable adults and compassionate cases remain at the discretion of the duty CNM2/Consultant.

    Compliance with hand hygiene, facemask wearing & cough/sneeze etiquette remains mandatory.

      Only next of kin and one visitor at a time will be allowed to visit the ICU until further notice and no children are permitted to visit the hospital under any circumstances.  

      These visitor restrictions are in place for public and patient safety to minimise the possible spread of infections.  Our front of house staff are notified daily of patients for whom visiting has been agreed to and are on duty to ensure that our safety measures are followed.

      If you have been to an area with confirmed Coronavirus or if you are experiencing symptoms including cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties and a high temperature, please do not visit the Hospital and contact your GP if you require medical assistance.

      Thank you for your cooperation.





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      Patient Comfort Packages

      We appreciate that this continues to be a difficult time for patients and their families. Please contact the ward if you wish to avail of our “Patient Care Package”  whereby- clean clothes, toiletries, reading material and non-perishable food items may be dropped at the main reception desk between 12pm and 7pm daily . Arrangements can also be made for a video call with patients- for more information on this please see HERE

      Bereavement Supports

      For bereavement support services during this time please see HERE