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Beaumont Hospital Recruitment Open Evening - A Resounding Success (May 24th)

Tuesday May 31, 2016

On Tuesday evening May 24th Beaumont  hosted an Open Evening event for those who are interested in a potential career in Nursing & Health & Social Care Professions (HSCP).  Over 200 people attended the main event held in the Exam Hall ranging from existing professionals in nursing and HSCP, students in these fields, TY students and parents who believed their children would have an interest in working in Beaumont.

The main purpose of the event was to give those interested in a professional health worker career an indepth understanding of the various roles and the learning, training and development opportunities available in the State’s second biggest teaching hospital.  Participants had the opportunity to learn about the many benefits of working at Beaumont from the HR team and about the numerous learning and educational supports the hospital has to offer from Centre of Nurse Education and Learning & Development Department.  In addition we were very pleased to have our academic partners from DCU and the RCSI represented.

Whether interest lay in General Nursing or in one of the Hospital specialities the nursing team in Beaumont had all the possible angles covered and stands reflected the wide and various elements of patient care provided at Beaumont. The multiplicity of HSCP professions presenting on the night was indicative of the range of services that the Hospital provides and highlighted the vital role that these professions play accelerating all aspects of the patient journey.

The event also presented staff with an opportunity to present their work to colleagues, members of Senior Management, the RCSI Group and the Hospital Board and we are truly grateful for the support shown by these to the event.

One could not mention the night’s proceedings without referencing the well attended specialist presentations, which covered the Hospital’s national Specialties in Renal Transplant, Neurosurgery and Cochlear Implant.  Also covered was the services provided by the multidisciplinary teams that make Beaumont a leading national centre for the treatment of Oncology patients. Finally the innovative and pioneering work being done by the Frail Elderly Intervention Team was justly recognised and well received.

A very big thank you to the HR Team involved in leading and managing the event, to the managers and staff who prepared the material for the stands and to those who manned the stands. Thanks also to those who prepared and delivered the presentations.  No event of this scale can run efficiently without those who give the technical support required so thanks to all.