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Catering Department

The Catering Department caters for approximately 800 patients and 3,000 staff seven days a week, 365 days a year, along with St. Joseph's Hospital, Day Hospital- Care of the Elderly, Raheny

 We would like to help make your stay as comfortable as possible and therefore hope you enjoy the services we provide.

Please ensure you read the menu carefully which will ensure you choose from the correct menu.

If you are on a prescribed special diet, please inform ward staff if you need help choosing suitable meals/menus.

Patients are offered 4 meals a day, night hot drink service and snacks are available on the ward to offer.

Should you wish to discuss your meals or any aspect of the catering service, please contact a member of our catering team or ask to be put in contact with one of the catering officers on duty. Catering for our patients, visitors and staff is provided by our in-house catering team.

We support local growers and suppliers and our meals are prepared fresh each day, in our onsite purpose built kitchen.. A carefully planned HACCP programme is in place to ensure food quality and food safety is prioritised.

Contact us.

If you wish to contact us about our catering services please see below.  Please leave feedback for the Catering Department HERE

John Sheridan

01 8528782

Head of Catering, Beaumont Hosptial

Trish Costello

01 8528410

Deputy Head of Catering

Colette Monaghan

01 8094921

Catering Officer, St Joseph's Hospital

Catering Business Support

01 7977374


Head Chef

01 8092021


Catering Administration

01 8093037


Catering Officers

01 8092818



Meeting the nutritional needs of our diverse range of patients is of high importance in deciding on food products to use in the Menus. To deliver the nutritional needs and expectations of our customers and patients, our menus are developed by our professional Chefs, and Dieticians. Great emphasis is placed on the nutritional content of food for patients and staff alike.

Allergen Information

All the menu recipes have been coded for their Allergen content for the 14 Allergens. This information is available in the Ward or from the ward catering member of staff and this will be provided to patients on request so that they can make appropriate choices from the menu.

If a patient needs to avoid other foods, Patient Catering will be able to advice on appropriate foods to offer.

How to fill in the menu

Please put your name, ward and bed number in the space provided, and mark your selection by completely filling in the box alongside the menu item of your choice.

Bedside Table

For your safety, please insure your bedside table is clean and clear for service of all meals

Hand HygieneCatering image

Don’t forget to wash your hands before eating food.  Please ask the staff for assistance if you need help

Patient Meal Times on Wards

Breakfast from            07.30 - 08.45

Lunch from                 11.45 - 13.00

Tea from                      16.15 - 17.10

Night teas from           19.00 - 22.40

Bringing Food In to Hospital

We would hope that our services will cater for all your needs, although it is recognised that visitors may wish to bring food and drinks for patients to enjoy whilst they are in hospital.

The hospital does, however, have a responsibility to ensure that the products are safe for patients to eat, and we would be grateful if visitors complied with the hospitals policy.

It is acceptable for food to be brought onto the ward, providing it is only of the low-risk variety such as sealed minerals. Hot 'Take-Away' food is classed as a high-risk food, and is strongly discouraged. The hospital will always strive to meet the nutritional needs of our patients and make every effort to tailor our menus to their individual requirements and tastes.

Catering For Visitors to the hospital

We have a Coffee Shop, Shop and Vending machines on site to cater for all visitors to the hospital and patient relatives.