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HIPE / Coding Department

About Us

HIPE stands for Hospital Inpatient Enquiry system. This system is the principal source of data on discharges from Beaumont Hospital. The department is responsible for coding, input, quality, processing and reporting of daycase and inpatient care.

Episodes of care are coded using the ICD-10-AM coding classification system which is an internationally recognised integrated coding scheme for diagnosis and procedures.

Each HIPE record represents one episode of care. The data collected by HIPE system can be logically grouped into administrative, clinical and demographic data.

HIPE data have a wide range of potential uses including:

  • Measurement of Hospital/Unit/Ward workload
  • Patient care studies
  • Changes in practice patterns at clinical and hospital level
  • Planning and service provision
  • Estimation of the Casemix adjustment for the hospital budget


Name: Deirdre Cunningham, HIPE/Coding Manager

HIPE data are available from the HIPE office, (01) 809 3304.