Beaumont Hospital

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Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

The Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (MPCE) Department is a group of scientists and technicians who support healthcare workers in many aspects of dealing with equipment in a hospital setting.




General Electromedical/Anaesthetic Equipment

We liaise with all departments regarding upgrading equipment and improvement to services including future projects. Where new medical technology is put into general use, user training is given in house or provided by the suppliers by arrangement with MPCE. Evaluation and suitability testing is performed on equipment prior to purchase this is possible due to a close working relationship with the purchasing department.


  • Des Kelly, Senior Clinical Engineering Technician
  • Eoin Daly, Senior Clinical Engineering Technician
  • Cristina Simoes Franklin, Senior Clinical Engineering Technician

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

MPCE provide a daily service to the Radiopharmacy in Nuclear Medicine. This involves daily preparation of patient doses along with white cell labelling and red cell mass studies. Radioiodine therapies are administered under the direction of the Consult Radiologist in Nuclear Medicine.

Quality Control is an integral part of the work of MPCE in Radiology. This involves annual testing of all irradiating apparatus along with more frequent tests on some more specialised equipment and post service checks.

Advice with respect to staff and patient dosimetry is provided along with the Radiation Protection Adviser.


  • Maria Dooley, Senior Physicist
  • Linda Gavagan, Senior Physicist

Renal Dialysis

The Haemodialysis unit performs in excess of 30,000 treatments per annum. MPCE provides a full technological service to this department.  Services include comprehensive maintenance to Haemodialysis equipment, frontline maintenance to specialist water treatment system for dialysis, quality
assurance programme for water quality. Clinical and technical support is provided for renal replacement therapy equipment in critical care areas. Staff also provide formal lectures and tutorials to post graduate courses provided by the renal unit.


  • Paul Lowe, Senior Clinical Engineering Technician
  • Andrea Fottrell, Senior Clinical Engineering Technician

Medical Equipment Management

The major role of MPCE with respect to the management of medical equipment is to:

  • Perform or insure performance of installation, preventive and corrective maintenance, and other requested technical support service on clinical equipment owned, and/or used within the health system in compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • Provide pre-purchase evaluations of new technology and equipment.
  • Assist clinical departments with service contract analysis, negotiations and management.
  • Coordinate clinical equipment installations including, planning, scheduling, and oversight.
  • Research equipment issues for health system professional and administrative staff.
  • Participate on various committees as required.
  • Conduct device incident investigations.

Staff: Meabh Smith, Senior Physicist / Clinical Engineer / Vigilance Officer 

Vigilance Committee

This committee deals with all medical device alerts and manufacturer field corrective actions sent to the hospital, in addition to incidents within the hospital which, involve medical devices.

Staff: Meabh Smith, Senior Physicist / Vigilance Officer 

Non-Ionising Radiation and Endoscopy

MPCE provide some technical and scientific support, and equipment management services.