Beaumont Hospital

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Integrated Quality and Safety (IQS) Division

About Us

The Integrated Quality Division consists of eight individual departments. The IQS Division answer into the Office of the CEO.

Sharon Dwyer is our Director of Quality & Patient Safety. Sharon can be contacted at 809 3921
The following departments report into the Integrated Quality & Safety (IQS) Division

Clinical Governance Department

Contact: Linda McEvoy, Clinical Governance / Audit Manager
Telephone: (01) 809 2077

Health & Safety Department

Contact: Stephanie O’Gara, Health & Safety Co-ordinator
Telephone: (01) 809 3003

Health Promotion Department

Contact: Michele McGettigan, Health Promotion Co-ordinator
Telephone: (01) 809 3905

Patient Advisory Liaison Service (PALS)

Contact: Jillian Keating, Patient Representative Manager
Telephone: (01) 797 4774

Quality & Standards Department

Contact: Helen Ryan, Quality & Standards Manager
Telephone: (01) 797 4772

Risk and Legal Services Department

Contact:  Michelle McTernan,  Risk and Legal Services Manager
Telephone: (01) 809 3250

Staff Counselling Service

Contact: Barbara Lynch / Pauline King
Telephone: (01) 809 2865