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Hepatology Department

About us

The Hepatitis C Service is a multidisciplinary team with an expertise in liver disease. This service has been in place since 1996.



Professor Frank Murray

Clinics are held in the Hepatology Unit, lower ground floor.

Hepatology Registrar  
Clinical Nurse Managers II /
Staff Nurse

Emer Bolger

Pauline Dillon

Laura Stobie

Nurse Counsellor Bride Greaney 
Complementary Therapist /
Stress Management
Joan Morgan

Marian Gilligan

Lorraine Kernan

Telephone: (01) 809 2220 / 2221


A Hospital Consultant or General Practitioner may refer a patient to the service. To arrange a routine appointment :

  • Post or email a referral letter  to:
    Professor Frank  Murray, Consultant Physician
    Beaumont Hospital
    Dublin 9
    Email address is

  • Please include all recent virology results to:
    The Hepatology Unit
    Beaumont Hospital
    Dublin 9
  • Email address is

How to get to us

The Hepatology Unit is situated on the lower ground floor adjacent to the Childrens Ward.

Further information and links

Support groups

Positive Action - Positive Action provides support to women who contracted Hepatitis C through the administration of contaminated Anti D and also provide support to their families.
Address: 59 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2
Telephone: (01)  676 2853; LO Call 1850 200 231
Fax: (01)  662 009

Transfusion Positive - Transfusion Positive provides  support to men and women ,children and their families who contracted Hepatitis C through contaminated blood and blood products.
Address: 3 Clanwilliam Square, Dublin 2
Telephone: (01)  639 8854
Fax: (01) 639 8856

Irish Haemophilia Society - The Irish Haemophilia Society provides information education and services to all family members of persons with haemophilia and related bleeding disorders including those with hepatitisCand/or HIV.
Address: First Floor Cathedral Court, New Street, Dublin 8
Telephone: (01)  657 9900
Fax: (01) 657 9901

Irish Kidney Association - The kidney association provides support to people with kidney problems who are either on dialysis treatment or are organ recipients including those who have contracted  Hepatitis C. Address: Donor House, Block 43A Park West, Dublin 12
Telephone: (01)  620 5306
Fax: (01) 620 5366
LO Call: 1890 456 556