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About us


The Haematology Laboratory is part of the Clinical Directorate of Laboratory Medicine. The Laboratory provides a range of diagnostic and clinical services to Beaumont Hospital, External institutions such as St Josephs Raheny, Nursing homes and the General Practitioners in the surrounding community. The Department includes Coagulation, Flow Cytometry and PCR which are involved in the diagnosis of haematological malignancies, immuno monitoring, management of anticoagulant therapy, EPO monitoring for renal patients, thrombophilia screening and required molecular diagnosis. The Department complies with the International Standard ISO15189 and the regulations, policies, and terms and conditions of the Irish National Accreditation Board.


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  • Coleman. K. Byrne (CKB) Haematology Clinic: 01 809 2150 / 2622
  • Dr Philip Murphy: 01 809 3382
  • Dr John Quinn: 01 809 2664
  • Dr Jeremy Sargent: 01 809 2150 / 2622
  • Dr Patrick Thornton: 01 809 2664

Haematology Office

  • 01 809 2655

Chief Medical Scientist

  • Ms. Geraldine Healy: 01 809 2662
  • Haematology: 01 809 2703
  • Coagulation: 01 809 2656
  • Flow Cytometry: 01 809 2763


  • The routine opening hours are Monday-Friday, 8am - 8pm. Please ensure samples arrive in the laboratory as early as possible in the working day.
  • There is no routine Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday service.
  • Out of hours: The Medical Scientist on call may only be contacted by bleeping 252


Haematology Laboratory, Pathology, Beaumont Hospital, Beaumont, Dublin 9.

User Information

The Beaumont Hospital Laboratory Users Guide provides information on the tests provided within the Department, sample types, reference ranges and expected turn around times.
A Patient Information Leaflet is also available for Genetic Testing for Haematological Disorders


Haematology Molecular Test Request Form
Throbmophilia Screen Request Form