Beaumont Hospital

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The Academic Endocrine Unit has an active research programme.  Current Fellows completing MD theses include:

Dr Mark Hannon: Hormonal influences on the development of hyponatraemia post-subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Dr Lucy Anne Behan: Corticosteroid replacement in pituitary disease

Dr Rachel Crowley: Hypothalamic complications in craniopharyngioma.

Prof Thompson was awarded the Servier award for promoting research between France and Ireland in 2007, following his collaboration with the University of Montpellier in the development of a model to investigate the mechanism of pituitary damage following brain injury.

Prof Thompson won the RAMI award for Best Paper in IJMS in 2008. Dr Agha won the RAMI award for best published endocrine paper in 2006 and the American Endocrine Society research award in 2005.  Dr Agha was awarded the Outstanding Reviewer's Award by the American Endocrine Society in 2009.Both Dr Agha (2004) and Dr Smith (1999) won the Irish Endocrine Society O'Donovan Medal.  Dr Behan won the first Irish Endocrine Society Montgomery medal in 2007. Dr Francis Finucane won the RAMI award for the best endocrine  paper published in 2008 for the work he did when he was an SpR in our department.  The unit have published extensively on pituitary disease, water balance, diabetes insipidus and traumatic brain injury.