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Glossary of Terms

  • Decision-Maker - a staff member within a public body who makes decisions on FOI requests, i.e. who decides whether it is appropriate to release the requested records or not

  • Disclosure Log - a publicly-available record of the decisions made by a public body in response to FOI requests

  • Freedom of Information Act - an Act designed to give the public the right of access to records held by public bodies

  • FOI (Freedom of Information) Request - a written request made under the Freedom of Information Act, usually a request for access to certain records held by a public body

  • Information Commissioner - the Commissioner, independent of the government, who reviews the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act and can issue binding decisions on appeals regarding FOI requests

  • Publication Scheme - a catalogue of the information that a public body routinely makes publicly available

  • Public Body - an organisation that is funded by the state, in full or in large part.

  • Record - information recorded on any media, including letters, memos, emails, post-its, voice recordings...

  • Requester - the official term for a person who makes an FOI request

Useful Links

Further information on FOI is also available from: 

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform,
Central Policy Unit Floor 3,
7-9 Merrion Row,
Dublin 2

Tel:  +353 1 631 8258

Fax: +353 1 604 5750