Beaumont Hospital

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General Adult Consultation - Liaison Psychiatry Service

The team assesses and manages all of the in-patient referrals (335 in 2007) and all those referred for psychiatric evaluation in the emergency department (1,349 ED referrals in 2007). Assessments are carried out by the liaison clinical nurse specialists or a psychiatric registrar, supervised by the consultant. Advice on management and follow-up care is provided as necessary. If follow up with the GP, other community services or Psychiatric services is required, this is arranged. Patients can also be referred to the weekly General Liaison, psycho-hepatology and psycho-oncology outpatients.

Accident and Emergency (psych emergencies)

Alcohol Problems

Any in-patient with alcohol problems can be referred to our half-time alcohol liaison nurse, Elizabeth Gilligan (175 in 2008). We also refer inpatients, out patients or patients from the A&E department to Mara de Lacy, senior alcohol counsellor from Stanhope Street. This is for ongoing input with regard to alcohol dependence issues, at a weekly outreach clinic in our department.

Psycho-oncology Service

A senior registrar in psychiatry currently provides this service to any patient suffering with psychological or psychiatric problems in the context of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A diagnosis of cancer is associated with significant psychological distress, ranging from “normal” levels of sadness and fear, to severe disabling symptoms such as depression, anxiety and body image problems. Referrals from any of the oncology, medical or surgical teams are accepted. In-patients and day patients are assessed on the wards. Outpatients are assessed and followed up in the Psycho-oncology clinic. This clinic is held once per week in conjunction with the Oncology clinic.