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Psychology Department Staff

Dr. Niall Pender, Principal Clinical Neuropsychologist
Head of Department

Niall is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist. His work involves the assessment and management of patients with neurological and neurosurgical illnesses or injuries. He also holds a part-time lectureship at Trinity College Dublin, is a Member of the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and the Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience. Niall is a former president of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

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Mr. Mark Mulrooney, Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist     

Mark works with neurology patients with a focus on pre/post surgical patients with epilepsy and supportive counselling with patients with this condition. He also provides services to patients with other neurological conditions including MS, Parkinson's disease and also in the Memory Clinic. He has a particular interest in supporting patients with General Learning Disability attending the Hospital. 

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Dr. Jennifer Wilson O'Raghallaigh, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Jenny is a Senior Clinical Psychologist on the Liaison Psychiatry Team. She specialises in the assessment and treatment of patients in the hospital who are experiencing significant distress. Jennifer has a background in personality and neuropsychological assessment as well as training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, EMDR and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

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Dr. Ailín O'Dea, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Ailín has worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist in cystic fibrosis (CF) since 2012.  She has a particular interest in psychological therapy and has completed training in Gestalt therapy, Motivational Interviewing and currently training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  Ailín engages with CF patients around issues such as managing treatments, coping with mood difficulties/ emotional distress and supporting patients to pursue what is important to them alongside managing their condition.  She is part of the network of psychologists working in CF in Ireland.  She has developed a booklet about self-care for people with CF, “Living Well with CF: Taking Care of You”.  She has a special interest in the role of the arts in health care settings.

  • Email:
  • Telephone: (01) 809 2881 (direct line) 809 2223 (dept secretary)
  • Referrals:  Referrals are made by the CF team.   Patients of the service are also welcome to   request an appointment by contacting Ailín directly on the phone or e-mail.
  • Availability: 8am-6pm Wednesdays and Thursdays
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Mr. Jonathan Gallagher, Senior Psychologist

Jonathan is a Senior Psychologist in the Cardiology Department, where he provides a psychology service to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme. His work ranges from psycho-education to therapeutic intervention for psychology difficulties co-occurring with heart disease. Jonathan has a background in Health Psychology as well as specialist training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing. Areas of interest include: assessment and intervention in cardiac patients; stress management; health beliefs, illness cognitions and health behaviour change; as well as self-management in heart failure. 

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Ms. Mairead Dempsey, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Mairead is a Senior Clinical Psychologist with the cochlear implant programme working with children, adults and their families with a profound hearing loss. Her work involves cognitive and behavioural assessment and therapy with children who are having additional difficulties either prior to or since their cochlear implant. She also works with some adults when there are concerns about whether a cochlear implant is advisable for them and with adults who are finding it challenging adjusting to life after a cochlear implant.

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Dr. Sarah Clarke, Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist

Sarah is a clinical neuropsychologist who works with patients with a variety of conditions that impact on brain functioning. Such conditions include brain injury, stroke, epilepsy, dementia, MS, encephalitis, brain tumours and functional neurological symptoms such as non-epileptic attack and functional movement difficulties. Sarah works with both in-patients and out-patients, and carries out assessments and interventions to help those affected cognitively, emotionally and psychologically by their conditions. Sarah is a committee member of PSI’s Division of Neuropsychology and of the Irish Brain Council.

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01 809 3260
  • Referrals: Referrals are received through the Department of Psychology on 01 809 2223
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Dr. Frances Dawson, Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist

'Frances is a Senior Clinical Psychologist with the cochlear implant programme, working across adult and paediatric teams. Her main work in the paediatric team involves cognitive and/or behavioural assessment of children where required, and therapeutic work with children and/or their families. In adult services, involvement may centre on assessing whether an implant is advisable, on providing psychological support to patients pre-implantation where required, or in adjusting to life post-implant. Frances' previous experience includes working in early intervention and adult disability.

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Ms. Vicky Lunt, Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist

Vicky is Senior Clinical Psychologist in Beaumont Hospital and St Luke's Radiation Oncology Centre. She is particularly interested in the areas of anxiety management and sexuality. In addition to her clinical role she presents on a number of academic courses including Radiation Therapy. Being part of the Beaumont Psychology Department, means that research is a core part of her role and she is presently involved in researching the efficacy of a self management programme (which is part if a wider project in Beaumont by her colleaugue, Dr Jennifer Wison O'Raghallaigh) for breast cancer patients as well as the psychological adjustment of patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Ms. Isabela Caramlau

Isabela is a clinical psychologist working in the Cardiology Department.

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Ms. Cheryl Fynes, Department Secretary

Cheryl co-ordinates the activities of the Department of Psychology.  She organises  clinics and provides up to date information on scheduling to patients and referrers.  Cheryl has many years of experience in several departments of Beaumont Hospital, and provides information and friendly support to patients and staff.

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