Beaumont Hospital

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ICU Team

Consultant Intensivists

Dr. Sinead Galvin  

Dr. James O’Rourke    

Prof. Gerard Curley            

Dr. Michael Power                     

Dr. Catriona Kelly

Dr. Ciana Mc Carthy

Dr. Rory Dwyer

Dr. Ruth Aoibheann O’Leary

Dr. Caroline Larkin

Dr. Alan Gaffney

Dr. David Devlin

Dr. Pierce Geoghegan 

Clinical Care Staff

Megan O'Connell, Clinical Nurse Manager 2

“I started in ICU in Beaumont Hospital as a newly qualified nurse in 2012. Beaumont Hospital has given me many opportunities for personal and professional development over the past ten years. Starting in ICU as a young, newly qualified nurse was very overwhelming, however the ICU team were incredibly supportive and encouraging and always took the time teach and nurture new staff. Professional Development has always been a priority for me and I can confidently say that Beaumont Hospital has never shied away from supporting staff in achieving their academic goals. I have been given the opportunity to complete a Certificate in ICU Nursing, a Post Graduate Diploma in ICU Nursing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Leadership, before becoming a Clinical Nurse Manager 2 in ICU in 2020. Being a CNM2 in ICU is rewarding and enjoyable as I get to work with an excellent team of professionals as we strive to provide quality care for patients and their families. As a CNM I work alongside nurses on their professional development journey and support them in achieving their goals. The teamwork and camaraderie in the ICU in Beaumont Hospital makes it a great place to work and be a part of.”

Juan Miguel Velasco (Adaptation Nurse)

"I started the adaptation program in the ICU of Beaumont Hospital last June 2021. When I first heard about being directly deployed to a specialized unit, I felt pressured and unprepared. Fortunately, the ICU had a standardized training program with perfectly outlined goals that help direct newly deployed staff like me. Moreover, I was assigned to work with very good preceptors and mentors who taught me the “how to’s”, which eventually led to my success in obtaining an RN license. As I work as a full-time nurse now, the learning has not ceased since we are continuously being guided by an amazing group of medical professionals and support staff. Caring for the critically ill can be quite challenging, but with a supportive team behind you, anything is possible!"

Carmel O’ Hanlon (Dietician)

“Hello there! My name is Carmel and I am a Clinical Specialist Dietitian in Critical Care and Nutrition Support in Beaumont General Intensive Care Unit since 2006. Providing nutritional care to critically ill patients is both an essential supportive service for patients and a personally rewarding one for me. I have helped many patients over the years and have developed many meaningful connections with staff members at the same time.  The work of the multi-disciplines is a valued part of ICU patient care here in Beaumont.”

Kevin Costello (Porter)

 “My name is Kevin Costello; I am Beaumont ICU porter for the last 13 years. I help to prepare and set up ventilators for critically ill patients. I link in with doctors and nurses to establish what equipment is needed on a daily basis and maintain stock levels. I also prepare patients for x- ray with the nursing staff. Team work is essential in helping maintain safety and patient wellbeing”

Orla Brady (junior staff nurse)

 “I started in ICU/HDU in September 2020. A year in and I have gained invaluable experience. In such a welcoming and educational environment, it is a great place to develop as a staff nurse with many different cases presenting themselves! With the support and help of all the staff in the unit, my first year as a staff nurse has been extremely fulfilling”

Damodar Solanki, Chief II Pharmacy

“Hi everyone, my name is Damodar and I am a Chief 2 Pharmacist with over 25 years of critical care experience. I started working in the Beaumont GITU in 2001 and prior to that I worked in three London teaching hospitals. In collaboration with the other healthcare professionals in the critical care team I ensure the safe and effective use of medicines in critically ill patients. The input required can be varied, complex and challenging which gives me great job satisfaction. Also as the clinical pharmacy lead I supervise and support other clinical pharmacists who provide a service to the other critical care units at Beaumont”.

Pedro Vasquez, Senior Physiotherapist

“I’m Pedro Vasquez. I have been Senior Physiotherapist in Critical Care in Beaumont Hospital since 2008. The units have 7 days per week physiotherapy cover in addition to on-call cover 24 hours per day. Main aims of physiotherapy input are respiratory assessment/management and initiation/progression of functional rehabilitation”.

Specialist assistance is also provided for:

  • Weaning of artificial ventilation
  • Tracheostomy weaning
  • Microbial sampling of respiratory secretions
  • Spirometry and respiratory muscle capacity
  • In-depth neurological assessments
  • Musculo-skeletal assessments and treatments
  • Brace fitting
  • Contracture preventative measures
  • Positioning protocols

I’m really proud of the work that is carried out by the Critical Care MDT in Beaumont Hospital and how cohesively all teams work for the benefit of patients.”

Siobhan Tierney–Pyke & Aisling Nevin – Critical Care Outreach Team

Improving patient outcomes is a key indicator for all critical care outreach services. The team can provide a safety net for patients who become critically ill and have a mismatch between their clinical needs and the available resources to manage them in their current location on the ward. Critical care outreach can ensure patients who deteriorate receive appropriate timely care, and should they require escalation of care, CCO will safely transfer the patient to intensive care. We follow patients who are discharged from ICU to help prevent readmission to critical care. We perform tracheostomy rounds with the Tracheostomy MDT twice weekly , where patients with tracheotomies are downsized, or decannulated, while ensuring staff are competent with the care this cohort of patients require. We do bedside teaching at ward level for staff on non-invasive ventilation, care of chest drains, sepsis and deteriorating patients. Our mission is to safely deliver evidenced based quality care to our patients bringing critical care beyond the walls of intensive care.”

NOCA ICU Audit Coordinator – Joanna Mulvihill

“My journey in Beaumont Hospital began in 1992 when I started here with the intention of progressing my nursing career with a view to moving on after a few years. 

I am still here. 

I remain here as I am happy with what Beaumont has offered me and also what I have done has been appreciated and valued. 

It is a very busy hospital but also a progressive one.   It has offered me career progression support and kindness that you hope an institution provides but often lacks. 

ICU encompasses all that is positive about Beaumont Hospital. It offered me support and educated me in the skills needed to look after the critically ill. 

Having the opportunity to engage in post graduate education continuous professional development, a management course and the educational opportunities associated with the RCSI helped me achieve a standard of nursing that I am proud of and helped me guide and support others that I work with and provide the best care to our clients that we all ultimately strive to deliver. 

My career developed into a CNM2 position within the unit and now as a CNM2 ICU Audit Coordinator under the governance of The National Office for Clinical Audit. 

This measures quality indicators and aim to identify areas that patient care can be evaluated and improved.  

‘How can we manage if we don’t measure?’

Beaumont ICU is a special space that I think allows a person to develop to their maximum potential, forges lifelong friendships and provides a dynamic work environment that has the client (patient which ever on you think is correct)as it centre.”