Beaumont Hospital

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Life after ICU

After you have been ill, especially for a long time, it can take a while to feel yourself again. The information below deals with some common problems that people may experience when they leave the intensive care unit.

Moving to the Ward

After spending time in the ICU it important for your body to recover. It can take a while to feel yourself again. You will likely receive continued advice and support from physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

You will initially be moved out of the ICU to either another specialist area like a high dependency aspect of the ward, in which the visiting times on the ward can often be different to the ICU.

You can also ask to speak with your relative’s doctor/surgeon or nursing staff if you have any questions about the ongoing treatment plan. A meeting will be arranged for you as soon as possible.

Returning Home after ICU

Leaving the hospital after experiencing critical illness is a major step in your recovery. It is a very positive step, but it will take time and effort for you to return to normal life. You will probably be given a plan on exercise advice and information on how to continue your physio and physical recovery.

An occupational therapist may have advised on adjustments to your home in order for the environment to be safe for you during your recovery. You may also be linked in with community services for ongoing physical rehab. 

Once you’re home, your GP will likely be involved in your general care and recovery. They will support you in regaining your strength and discussing any ongoing concerns with you.