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Getting Started


These exercises are a good place to start when you are trying relaxation and mindfulness practice.  Each exercise has been carefully designed to give you a good experience.  They are all spoken by Beaumont Hospital employees who are committed to helping you feel better.

Whether you are an inpatient, an outpatient or someone unconnected with Beaumont Hospital, it is good to follow these guidelines:

  • Try to do these exercises when you will not be disturbed.

  • Do your best to limit distractions around you, even if that seems impossible.  It may help to use headphones and to close your eyes.

  • But... don’t let being distracted or disturbed stop you from trying these exercises.  On a busy ward or in a busy family, being disturbed is part of life.

  • If this is new for you, you may want to start with relaxation breathing.

  • Feel free to download and/or copy these exercises for free.  They are meant to be shared as widely as possible.

  • Try as many exercises as you can.  Everyone is different and it is good to get a feel for what works for you.

  • These exercises are safe and gentle. If one type makes you uncomfortable in any way, try something different from the menu. if you are worried about whether an exercise is okay for you to complete, ask your doctor.

  • Some people like relaxation exercises with music or relaxing sounds in the background and some people don’t.  We have both types here, so try them out and see what suits you best.

  • Do it again!  If it works, do it again!  If it doesn't work, do it again (or try another one)!  Whenever you feel tense, do it again! Practice helps to improve your ability to use these exercises effectively.