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Further Reading, Research, and References


If you would like to learn more about the Department of Psychology in Beaumont Hospital, please visit their website.


If you are interested in reading more about relaxation and stress reduction, we recommend the following as a good place to start:

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, Sixth Edition.
By Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman and Matthew McKay
Published by New Harbinger Publications Inc.


If you are interested in reading more about mindfulness and its benefits for managing illness and improving quality of life, we recommend the following as a good place to start:

Full Catastrophe Living:  How to cope with stress, pain and illness using mindfulness meditation.
By Jon Kabat-Zinn
Published by Piatkus


If you are interested in reviewing research in the area of relaxation and mindfulness training in medical settings, some recent articles are listed below as a starting point for your reading.

Agee, J.D., Danoff-Burg, S., & Grant, C.A. (2009). Comparing brief stress management courses in a community sample: Mindfulness skills and progressive muscle relaxation. Explore, 5(2), 104-109.

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Prazak, M., Critelli, J., Martin, L., Miranda, V., Purdum, M., & Powers, C. (2012). Mindfulness and its role in physical and psychological health. Applied Psychology : Health and Well-Being, 4(1), 91-105.

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