Beaumont Hospital

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Beaumont Hospital FOI Disclosure Log

Beaumont Hosital publishes non-personal FOI requests and responses. Through the links below you can access requests made since July 2018

FOI Disclosure Logs 2018
FOI Request 3760/18 Request for information on complaints submitted
FOI Request 3772/17 Request for internal forms or procedure guidance for making an individual funding  request for treatment
FOI Request 3771/18 Request for information on Beaumont Hospitals' Gastronenterology Department
FOI Request 3800/18 Request for information on the National Poisons Information Centre
FOI Request 3807/18 Request for information on debt collection services expenditure
FOI Request 3785/18 Request for facilities management information
FOI Request 3816/18 Request for information on correspondance between Beaumont Consultant and Clontarf Hospital
FOI Request 3818/18 Request for information on CT/MRI scanners in use in Beaumont Hosptial

FOI Request 3785/18
3785/18 - Meave Sheehan

FOI Request 3816/18
3816/18 - Cianan Brennan

FOI Request 3818/18
3816/18 - Sarah Wilson