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Outpatient Appointments

Booking Appointments

To book an outpatient appointment, you will need a referral letter from a General Practitioner (GP), a Beaumont Hospital consultant, a consultant from another hospital, or the Emergency Department.

You can post or fax your letter or deliver it by hand. 

  • Mail
    Mail your letter to: Secretary to [Consultant & Speciality], Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, 9

  • Email
    Beaumont Hospital have discontinued the use of fax machines for all referrals and patient correspondence into and out of Beaumont Hospital. The email addresses below are for all referrals into the Hospital where HealthLinks cannot be used.  This is not a conclusive list and will up be updated regularly.  We encourage all referrals to come through HealthLink as this is the safest and most appropriate method however as some GP practices do not have access to Healthlink the email addresses below will be an alternative method of referral.

Please see link HERE for all Department Referrals (updated June 5th 2018)

  • Deliver by hand
    Please drop it at the Outpatient Registrations Desk.

The consultant team will review your letter and decide on the most appropriate appointment time. You will be informed in writing of the details. Please note that waiting times vary per speciality.


Please carefully note the date and time of your appointment and attend at that time. If you do not turn up, you will miss out on a very important element of your care. You will also deprive another patient of an appointment.

If you unavoidably cannot attend for your clinic appointment, please contact the clinic secretary well in advance so that appointment can be allocated to another patient. Medical Secretary phone numbers are listed in the Find a Doctor feature. Clinic phone numbers are available in the Clinic Search feature.

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