Beaumont Hospital

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Endocrinology Department

The Endocrine Unit provides general endocrine services for North Dublin, including care for thyroid disease, adrenal disease, reproductive endocrinology, growth disorders, and calcium disorders.  There is a monthly multidisciplinary meeting with surgery, radiotherapy, pathology and radiology for thyroid cancer.

In addition, the Endocrine Unit provides pituitary services to support the work of the National Neurosurgery Unit and is the “de facto” national pituitary centre, receiving pituitary referrals from the entire country.  There is a joint Endocrine / Neurosurgery clinic and monthly multidisciplinary meetings involving endocrinology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, radiotherapy and laboratory input, in line with international recommendations.

The unit has an international reputation in the fields of pituitary disease, water metabolism and pituitary disease in traumatic brain injury. More recently, the unit has also developed a multidisciplinary thyroid cancer service and with the establishment of the Radiation Oncology Centre at Beaumont, it is envisioned to become a supra-regional thyroid cancer centre.

Advice for patients who take replacement hydrocortisone, prednisolone or plenadren for pituitary/ adrenal insufficiency during the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) outbreak

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