Beaumont Hospital

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Cardiology / Care of the Elderly / Oncology

The Medical II Division consists of 69 inpatient beds in addition to several units and departments. The nursing complement is 176 whole time equivalents.

Coronary Care Unit

This is a 12 bedded unit which caters for patients requiring intensive cardiac care. The unit also provides a telemetry monitoring service.

Corrigan Ward

This as a 22 bed cardiology ward adjacent to the CCU catering for patients with a diverse range of cardiac conditions, many of whom undergo a broad range of Cardiac Interventions.

Cardiac Interventional Suite

The Beaumont Hospital Cardiac Interventional Suite provides a wide range of inpatient – outpatient procedures for patients with heart disease. The majority of procedures involve the diagnosis of coronary artery disease (cad) with cine angiography and treatment of obstructive coronary artery disease with balloon angioplasty and stent insertion. Treatment of acute myocardial infarction with primary percutaneous intervention (pci) is recommended for all patients presenting with st segment elevation myocardial infarctions. The use of pressure wire and intravascular ultrasound technology assists in the treatment of complex cases. Temporary and permanent pacemaker insertion, binevicular pacing and internal defibrillator implantation comprise a significant proportion of procedures performed in the Interventional Suite.

Valvuloplasty, alcohol septal ablation, PfO closures and electrophysiological studies with ablation are specialized procedures performed as required.

Cardiology Day Unit

This is an eight trolley ambulatory cardiology day unit which specialises in coronary disease management and investigations. The day unit is open Monday to Friday. Patients are usually referred from the Outpatients Department for various cardiac investigations and procedures such as coronary angiograms, coronary angioplasty, insertion of pacemakers, electrical cardio version and recently trans-oesophageal echo’s. Recent initiative includes the setting up of an elective walk – in service for review of cardiology patients.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

Cardiac Rehabilitation is concerned with engaging patients in the process of understanding and accepting the nature of their illness and with assistance, entering a new and healthier lifestyle. The Cardiac Rehabilitation and multi-disciplinary team consists of a Medical Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation Co-ordinators (Clinical Nurse Managers Grade II), a psychologist, dietician and a pharmacist. There are four phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation:

Phase I: The in-hospital phase. During the inpatient stay, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Co-ordinator and relevant multi-disciplinary team members will visit the cardiac patient in the Coronary Care Unit and on the Medical Ward. Patients are then listed for the Outpatient Phase III Programme.

Phase II: This is the post-discharge phase. The Cardiac Rehabilitation staff can be contacted  for advice / support.

Phase III: 4-10 week programme consisting of exercise and education classes.

Phase IV: Long Term Maintenance Period.

Blood Pressure Unit

The blood pressure unit operates on a Monday – Friday and is involved in the detection, management and education of patients with hypertension. It is a nurse led clinic under Consultant directorship.

Emergency Cardiology

This initiative provides a quality nurse-led service for patients presenting to the hospital with acute coronary syndrome. It facilitates the risk stratification of patients and ensures appropriate fast tracking, i.e. Thorombylis / primary angioplasty / Coronary Care Unit admission.

Heart Failure Service

The Heart Failure Service provides comprehensive programmes of care in managing patients with heart failure pro-actively for both inpatients and outpatients. Through educational techniques it encourages both patient and family to self manager the condition and thus has improved overall quality of life. Since its inception, there have been dramatic reductions in re-admissions for those under the care of the Heart Failure Service as well as greater links formed between hospital and community.

Diabetes Day Centre

The Diabetes Day Centre provides a holistic multidisciplinary service for patients with diabetes and their families. Our service provides specialist multidisciplinary clinic for young adults, DAFNE programme, Insulin Pump therapy, Diabetic foot and vascular risk reduction. Out ethos is to promote self – management for patients with diabetes. We provide group and individual education programmes in the day centre in addition to education of inpatients with diabetes. The aim of our service is to promote healthy lifestyle and prevent / reduce diabetes related complications.

Whitworth Ward

This is a 35 bedded ward which specialists in the care of the older person. The multidisciplinary team provide a holistic approach to care with the objective of maximising health and well being and enabling patients to return home where possible

Day Hospital

The Day Hospital is a specialized clinic where older people are referred to have a detailed assessment of their health. The staff have a holistic approach to health and are experienced in helping people to maximise their health and to maintain them in their home environment for as long as possible.

Bone Health Service

This service offers screening of patients for risk of Osteoporosis and co-ordinates the investigation and treatment of these patients. The Bond Health Nurse identifies patients with minor fractures and initiates treatment to prevent patients from having major factures.

Coleman K. Byrnes

Circa 5,000 patients attend the Coleman K Byrnes Department annually.  Patients with Haematological cancers and other haematology conditions attend the unit for investigation, blood transfusions and chemotherapy.

St. Clare's Ward / Oncology Day Ward

St Calre's is a 15 bedded in-patient oncology ward. It is located next to the Oncology Day Ward, a day facility for oncology patients that is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. There are two oncology liaison nurses within the oncology service. Staff have access to six month specialist course and both Post Graduate and Masters Degree in Oncology Nursing from the RCSI. The Division has a full time Oncology Education Facilitator and both the Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist and Radiation Oncology Nurse Specialist is based within Medical Oncology Service.

St. Michael's Ward

St Michaels Ward is a ten bedded detoxification and stabilisation unit.

Professional Development

Beaumont Hospital offers many opportunities for professional development. There is an extensive number of education programmes provided in the Centre of Education through the year. All new staff members attend a five-day orientation programme in addition to Ward/Department specific orientation

Specialist Professional Development

The Post Graduate Diploma in CCU nursing, the Post Graduate Diploma in Gerontology, and the Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology are run in conjunction with the RCSI and are facilitated in the specialist areas. Six-month specialist practice programmes are also facilitated in the specialist areas.