Beaumont Hospital

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The Surgical Division comprises of 154 seven-day beds in 4 wards: A.B. Cleary Ward, Banks Ward, Hardwicke Ward, St. Luke’s Ward.

Nursing Structure

The surgical division is managed by a Directorate Nurse Manager. The nursing team in each ward is lead by a Clinical Nurse Manager II – with overall responsibility for the ward. This role is supported by a Clinical Nurse Manager I. In addition there is a Clinical Practice Support Nurse (CNM I Grade) in St. Luke's, Banks, A. B. Cleary and Hardwicke Wards. In addition to this there are 20.5 WTE registered general nurse posts in A. B. Cleary, Banks, Hardwicke and St. Luke’s Wards. The nursing teams also include Clinical Nurse Specialists who support the multidisciplinary team. Each ward is supported by a Ward Clerk, Health Care Assistants, Catering Assistants, and Cleaning Staff.


A. B. Cleary Ward

A 35 bed ward specialising in general surgical / vascular and upper gastro-enterology conditions. Six of those beds are protected for vascular admissions.

Banks Ward

A 35 bed surgical ward specialising in orthopaedic (mainly trauma) and plastic surgery conditions.

Hardwicke Ward

A 31 bed ward catering for private /semiprivate patients across all the Surgical / Vascular / orthopaedic / gynaecological and plastic surgery divisions. 


A 34 bed general surgical and colorectal ward.


Outpatients Department

Circa 110,000 patients attend the Outpatients Department on an annual basis.  There are forty speciality outpatient clinics held on a weekly basis.   

Stoma Care Department

The Stoma Care Department is managed by a Clinical Nurse Specialist supported by a Clinical Nurse Manager1.  Clients post bowel and bladder surgery, necessitating the formation of a stoma are cared for as in patients and followed up as outpatients.  Education and support is provided to patients/families and a telephone service is available to patients post discharge. 

Formal and informal education to nurses in the Hospital and on the community is also provided.

Breast Care Service Department

Beaumont Hospital is one of the 8 National Centres of Excellence for breast cancer.  The unit is undergoing expansion with the transfer of service from Connolly Hospital and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.  The unit is presently managed by 2.5 WTE Clinical Nurse Specialists.  Patient care is co-ordinated from initial diagnosis through surgery and other treatment modalities – chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal treatment to cure and remission.

Patients are managed as inpatients and followed up as outpatients. Programmes such as “look good feel better” and “Living with Cancer” provide practical advice and support to women who have had a cancer diagnosis.

Coloproctology Nurse Service

This service is co-ordinated by a Clinical Nurse Specialist.  Patients with a diagnosis of colorectal cancer and benign perianal disease, receive advice, education and support.  An inpatient, outpatient and telephone service is provided.  Formal and informal nurse education is also provided.

Head and Neck Oncology

This service is managed by a Clinical Nurse Specialist.  The highly visible nature of head and neck cancer and the effect of the treatment modalities have major implications for patients and their families. Patient are managed as inpatients and followed up as outpatients and with a telephone advisory service.  Patient and family education in all aspects of head and neck oncology is a priority. Formal and informal multidisciplinary education is provided within the Hospital.

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

This service is managed by a 0.5 whole time equivalent Nurse Manager. Patients on T.P.N. are monitored with special emphasis on minimizing sepsis.  She provides reports on sepsis and complications and ensures cost effectiveness is maintained by advising on requirements.  Formal and informal education is provided to Hospital staff.

Professional Education and Development

The professional development of staff is and integral part of the support provided within the surgical division.
All new staff members attend the hospital orientation programme facilitated by the Centre of Education. A ward based orientation programme is given to all new staff. Each nurse has the opportunity to attend relevant:

  • Study days
  • Short courses
  • Specialist conferences
  • Higher diploma programmes
  • BSc Nursing/Management
  • MSc Nursing/Management