Beaumont Hospital

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St. Joseph's Hospital Campus - Clinical Services Information

Unit 1 Surgical

Located on the ground floor, this Unit has 10 beds and 8 day trollies. This is a surgical unit providing in-patient and day surgery. Patients are screened in Beaumont Outpatients Department for this unit. Telephone: (01) 877 4916 / 4994 / 4995

Sleep Apnoea Laboratory

The sleep apnoea laboratory is located on the ground floor. Telephone: (01) 877 4934 

Venesection / Haemachromosis Clinic

The Venesection Clinic is located on the ground floor. Telephone: (01) 877 4987 

(How to book a Venesection or Haemochromatosis Appointment in St Josephs Hospital

Infusion Suite 

The infusion suite is located on the ground floor. Telephone:  (01) 877 2087 / 2088 / 4968

Bone Health Unit

The Bone Health Unit is located on the ground floor. Telephone:  (01) 877 4993 / 4925


The main theatre area is located on the ground floor. There are two operating theatres working Monday to Friday. The case mix includes General Surgery, Urology, Vascular, Dermatology, Plastics, Pain Control, E.N.T, Gynaecology and Neurosurgery.

Minor Procedure Rooms and Day theatre

Located on the first floor.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

This Unit is located on the first floor and specialises in treating older people who require a period of rehabilitation. There are twenty beds in this Unit. The patients for this unit are assessed by the Gerontology Team and are either admitted from Beaumont Hospital or from home.
Telephone: (01) 877 4914 / 4990 / 4915

Important Information about Your Stay on the Wards

Infection Control

Infection control is the responsibility of staff members, patients, and visitors. Please use the alcohol gel hand washing facilities at Reception and throughout the Hospital.

In order to prevent the spread of infection, please do not visit the hospital if you are suffering from Covid-19, colds, flu or other infection.