Beaumont Hospital

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St. Joseph’s Hospital Campus - Occupational Therapy Services

About Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is concerned with maximising an individual's ability to carry out daily activities as independently as they so wish or need, whilst recovering from illness or adapting to disability.  The occupational therapist works with the individual in order to identify their areas of priority, and developing treatment plans to achieve the desired level of ability and independence.

Occupational Therapy Services – Rehabilitation Unit

Occupational therapy services are provided in the 20-bedded rehabilitation unit in St. Joseph’s Hospital.  Senior and junior therapy staff work very closely with their multi-disciplinary colleagues such as physiotherapists, social workers, speech & language therapists, rehabilitation assistants, nurses, and medical staff.

As an inherent member of this team, the occupational therapist works with individuals in a patient-centred and goal-focused manner e.g. promoting independence in activities of daily living, such as self-care, domestic tasks, and general management in the home; or providing specialist and assistive equipment, such as bathing and toileting aids.


Day Hospital.  Please phone 877 4954
RCNU. Please phone 8505600