Beaumont Hospital

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Admissions/Day of Surgery Admissions (DOSA)

The admissions process is an integral part of care and treatment. Our goal is to work with you, your family and friends to understand your needs and to help you get settled as quickly as possible.

Admission Arrangements

Patients are admitted to Beaumont Hospital either by elective admission (pre-arranged) or emergency admission through our Emergency or Outpatients Departments. If you are an elective patient, you must contact the hospital before you leave home to  ensure all arrangements are in place and to confirm bed availability.

The numbers to contact are:

  • Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm
    • Ent (Ears, Nose & Throat) Admissions (01) 809 2925
    • Day Surgery Admissions (01) 809 2069 / 809 2056 / 809 4703
    • Neurosurgical / Neurology Admissions  (01) 809 2411
    • Surgical Admissions Vasc / Orto / Gyne / Breast / Plastic (01) 809 2214 / 809 2374
    • Nephrology/Urology Admissions (01) 809 2295
    • St Joseph's Hospital Admissions (01) 877 4991 / 877 4992 / 877 4993
    • If unsure, ring (01) 809 2944
  • After 5pm, all day Saturday and Sunday and on Bank Holidays, please phone (01) 809 2944 for all admissions.

After your bed has been confirmed, please report to the Admissions Registration Office. To get to Admissions, enter the Hospital from the Main Entrance and take the first turn right. Admissions registration staff will register your admission and help you complete relevant documentation.

Day of Surgery Admission (DOSA)

The Day of Surgery Admission Unit (DOSA) is a pre-operative waiting area where patients are prepared for the operation on the day of surgery. Here we will check you in and complete all the necessary paperwork and pre surgery documentation. When the time comes for your surgery you will go from DOSA to the operating department for your surgery. You will be contacted one day before surgery to confirm your admission.

Please see patient information leaflet on DOSA


As the hospital cannot provide a personal laundry service, please make suitable arrangements with relatives or friends.


For health safety and hygiene reasons, please do not bring food into the hospital.  Our Bakery and Restaurant provide food for our visitors. Our Catering Department provides food to our patients.

Day Ward Admissions

The Day Wards (such as Endoscopy, Cardiology, and Oncology) have arrangements specific to their elective admissions and you will be advised of these arrangements prior to admission.