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Becoming A Donor


To improve the health of patients affected by Kidney Disease.

For people with kidney disease, the treatment options are dialysis and, in suitable patients, transplantation. Kidneys for transplantation come either from people who have donated their organs after death or from a living donor. A living donor may be a relative, spouse, or close friend.

This patient guide has been written so that people who are considering living donation can have the opportunity to read about the risks, benefits, investigations, procedures and follow-up associated with donating a kidney. Everything covered in the book will be discussed with you, in person, with the medical staff. The book is in no way a replacement for face-to-face communications between the transplant team, the potential donor, the recipient and their families.

If you wish to learn more about chronic kidney disease, dialysis or transplant treatment options, you can consult the other guides in this series addressing these topics.

More information is available from the transplant team at Beaumont Hospital, Ph: (01) 8092298/8093119

We do hope you find it helpful.

What you need to know about donating a kidney from Beaumont Hospital on Vimeo.