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Resuming Normal Activity


DrivingThere are no hard and fast rules with regard to driving again. In the main, if the donor feels okay and their doctor agrees to it, a donor can return to driving when they feel capable – usually after 4-6 weeks. The donor must be aware, however, that long journeys could be difficult and that he/she should not overstretch.




ExerciseMaintaining a healthy lifestyle is as important, after donation, as beforehand. Any post donation exercise programme should begin slowly with the length of time spent exercising, and the effort involved, being increased over a period of time.



There is no standard typical period before sexual intercourse can be considered. Donors should be able to resume their usual sexual relationships as soon as they feel comfortable. It may take a few months before normal activities can be undertaken, but this depends on the individual’s and their recuperation.



After living kidney donor surgery, an outpatient clinic appointment will be offered to you, for follow-up at 3 weeks and 3 months, by the donor surgeon. Annual follow up will be offered by the living donor nephrologist. You will need to ensure that you make appointments for annual follow up. You should either bring blood test results with you or have them done on the day you come to the clinic.