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7th National Transplant & Nephrology Conference 2018

Tun Conference poster 2018



Melanie Mcdonnell


Ms Melanie McDonnell

Directorate Nurse Manager, Trasnplant Urology & Nephrology, Beaumont Hospital.

Presentation: Opening word and Welcome speech


Peter Conlon

Prof. Peter Conlon

Consultant Nephrologist, Beaumont Hospital.

Presentation: Irish Kidney Gene Project



Karen Healy


Ms Karen Healy

Nurse Specialist, RCSI Hospital Group

Presentation: Having the Organ Donation Conversation



Alan Gaffney


Dr Alan Gaffney

Consultant Anaesthetist, Beaumont Hospital.

Presentation: Organ Donation - An Update



Tim Browne


Mr Tim Browne

Consultant Transplant  Surgeon, Belfast City Hospital.

Presentation: Nephron Sparing Transplantation



Rob Jones


Dr Ron Jones

Consultant Intervention Interventional Radiologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Presentation: Endovascular Dialysis Fistula Creation Using WaveLing System



Liam Plant


Dr LIam Plant

Consultant Renal Physician, Cork University Hospital

Presentation: Haemodialysis Statistics & Service Planning



Emma OHart


Ms EMma O'Hart

Transplant Co-Ordinator, Beaumont Hospital

Presentation: Transplantation Consent



Ellen Walsh     Carla McCadden


Ms Ellen Walsh            Ms Carla McCadden

Dialysis Department, Belfat City Hospital

Self Care Haemodialysis in a Non Hospital Setting



Flo Rea


Ms Flo Rea

Dialysis Department Belfast City Hospital

Presentation: Shared Care Haemodialysis - The Route to Self Care



Joan Flynn


Ms Joan Flynn

HD CNS, Childrens University Hospital, Templestreet, Dublin

The Challenges of Providing a Haemodialysis Service in Paediatrics



Darren Cawley


Mr Darren Cawley

Presentation: Living Well With Kidney Disease

Photos from The day

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