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Conference 2014

Conference 2014

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Eileen Conference

 Eileen McBrearty

Biography: Patient Care Coordinator

Eileen has worked in Beaumont hospital since 2002 in the role of Renal IT nurse and her current position of Patient Care Co-ordinator. Prior to this she has worked in St Marys Hospital Paddington, London where she completed her Renal Nursing Diploma. Eileen undertook her BSc in Nursing Management in 2009 and her Post Graduate Diploma in Renal Nursing in 2013.


Renal Patient Engagement

Siobhan Conference

Dr Siobhan McHale

Biography: Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Siobhán MacHale MPhil FRCPI FRCP (Edin) FRCPsych is a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist at Beaumont Hospital and Senior Lecturer in the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. As a Consultant in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh for 7 years, she developed a particular interest in Psychiatric aspects of Transplantation. She has been delighted to progress with this since her return to Ireland, as a member of the Beaumont Renal Transplant team. She is a founding member of the UK/Ireland Psychological Medicine Transplant group. Today Dr MacHale will speak about Updates on Psychosocial Aspects of Renal Transplantation.



Updates on Psychosocial Aspects of Renal Transplantation


Derek Conference

Derek O'Neill

Biography: Chief Medical Scientist

Derek has a long history working in the transplant area dating back to 1986 in Jervis Street Hospital and transferring to Beaumont 25 years ago yesterday. His background is Blood Transfusion and Haematology but liked the move in transplant immunology and stayed there ever since his first move. He transferred full time to H&I in 1990 and took over as head of the department in 1993. When he joined the department it had 4 staff in total - they now provide a national service not only to renal patients but also for pancreas, heart, liver and lung patients. He lectures regularly on transplant immunology to undergraduates and MSc students, Post grad nursing students and patient information meetings as well as academic conferences.


40th Year of H&I


Deirdre Conference

Deirdre Keown

Biography: Business Implementation Manager KDCPMS

Research Interests: Deirdre comes with a background in nursing, specialising in all renal aspects, with expericence in the haemodialysis environment. Deirdre recently completed a Masters Degree in Health Informatics.


KDCPMS - Kidney Disease Clinical Patient Management System 


Jeff Conference

Dr Jeff Connell

Biography: Assistant Director and Principal Clinical Scientist

Dr. Jeff Connell is the Assistant Director and Principal Clinical Scientist at the University College Dublin National Virus Reference Laboratory (UCD-NVRL). He has over 30 years experience in diagnostic and clinical virology and has been at the UCD-NVRL since 1995. Prior to this he has worked in a number of diagnostic virology laboratories in the United Kingdom including the Virus Reference Laboratory, Colindale, London.  He is a Fellow of the Royal College Of Pathologists and sits on a number of National and International Committees regarding viral infection.


He has published extensively covering a wide range of viral infections but has a particular interest in blood borne viral infection, congenital and post transplant viral infections. He was Chair of the committee responsible for the new guidelines on Transmission of blood-borne viruses in haemodialysis, CAPD and renal transplantation.


Medical Advances & Blood Bourne Viruses in the Renal Setting 


Margaret Conference

Margaret Murphy

Biography: Patient Advocate External Lead Advisor Patients for Patient Safety WHO

Margaret has worked as an administrator in Government Agencies, Third-Level Education, the Private Sector, and immediately prior to her retirement was Personal Assistant to the Leader of the Presentation Brothers Religious Congregation. Margaret sees patients and patient families as a seriously under-used resource. Following the death of her son, she became actively involved, sharing her family’s experience and engaging positively with healthcare systems and professionals. She achieves this through membership of various groups and through presenting to Conferences in her home country, Ireland, as well as abroad. Her greatest satisfaction is derived from speaking to the new generation of medical practitioners – medical and nursing students.


The Patient Experience a Catalyst for Change

Peter Conference

Prof Peter Conlon

Biography: Consultant Nephrologist.

A consultant Nephrologist and Renal Transplant Physician at Beaumont Hospital   Having graduated from the Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland he undertook Nephrology training in Dublin and Duke University North Carolina USA. He has had a long standing interest in all aspects of Kidney Transplantation and has published more than 160 peer reviewed scientific articles, book chapters and textbook of Nephrology. Today he will talk about Live Donor Transplantation-the long term benefits.


Live Donor Transplantation the Long Term Benefits

David Conference

Mr David Hickey

Biography: Transplant Surgeon.

Director of the National Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Programme, this national programme also has responsibility for Organ Procurement. I have been committed to this programme for thirty years, personally performing over 1,500 transplants and 500 0rgan procurements, so I am in the unique position to comment on the global picture pertaining to all transplantation, but in particular my own area, kidney and pancreas transplantation and organ procurement.


Transplantation Ethics

                              (Unfortunately unavailable at this time)
Aileen Conference

Aileen Counihan

Biography: Senior Transplant Co-ordinator 





Organ Donation and Transplantation in Ireland - Changing Times

Michael Conference

Michael Mangan

Biography: Kidney Transplant Recipient



Patient to Patient Shared Experience




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